Media Composer, violinist and producer

Skills and gear

​A front man in both violin performance and composition, Martin St-Pierre is renown for his versatility, specializing in Classical, Rock and World Music. St-Pierre has extensive knowledge of traditional Chinese, North Indian Classical, Turkish and various Middle Eastern styles of music. St-Pierre collects and plays stringed and bowed instrument from all over the world including Mongolia and Eastern Europe. Martin’s erhu and yailli tambur solos were regularly featured on Bear McCreary’s Battlestar Galactica’s score, soundtrack and Socom 4 video game.

As a classical and contemporary violinist, St-Pierre has performed with multiple orchestras including the world renown Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne and I Musici. St-Pierre’s many projects have included members of White Zombie, NIN, Perfect Circle and Primus, to name a few. His own group, Opium Machine, performed at Coachella 2007. St-Pierre has recorded, arranged and performed with Trent Reznor, was the original violinist for Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam, performed with Cheval Theatre and currently performs as a violinist and assistant musical director in Cirque Du Soleil’s original Las Vegas masterpiece, Mystere.

St-Pierre was an orchestrator and score coordinator for Christopher Young on numerous feature films including The Grudge, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Spider-Man 3 and soundtrack producer for Ghost Rider. Martin’s orchestrations and orchestral programming can be heard in the spectacular water show, Le Reve, at Wynn Las Vegas.

As a composer, Martin's vast array of styles can be heard throughout his compositions. His work has been featured in several award winning feature films. Having scored several short films and animations St-Pierre has completed his first feature film.
Martin’s numerous compositions for theater, cirque and dance companies include; Valitar, Lucent Dossier, Cirque Montage, numerous individual cirque artist’s acts, and Chimelong International Circus, the largest permanent circus in the world.

An accomplished orchestra conductor, St-Pierre is an alumnus of the highly prestigious Pierre Monteux School for Orchestra Conducting in Maine.
In 2004 St-Pierre was nominated for a Drama Desk Award. In 2006 St-Pierre won the Composer Lab Fellowship at the Sundance Institute.

Composer: Film, TV, Dance, Concert, Circus and Theater.

Violinist: Classical, World, Rock

Multi-Instrumentalist: Erhu, Zhong-hu, Gao-hu, Yailli Tambur, Turkish Spike Fiddle, Dilrubah, Indian bariton violin, Dobro.

Music Producer: Orchestration, Synthestration, Synth and Beat Programming, Arrangement, score and parts creation, Recording, Mixing.

Music Software: Cubase 9.5, Protools 12, Reason 10, Sibelius 8.5, Eastwest Play (RA, Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, Quantum leap symhonic Orchestra Platinum and Symphonic Choir), Vienna Ensemble Pro with the special edition complete bundle, Ableton 9

Studio Equipment: imac i7 quadcore with16 gig of ram and Focusrite Clarett 8pre audio-interface. Novation Ultranova synth and Bass Station II synth and m-audio keystation 88es midi-controller.

Microphones: Audio-Technica, Oktava, Sterling Audio, Seinheizer, Electro-voice and Audix.

Violins: Marc Laberte Acoustic Violin, Metzler Shop acoustic Viola, The realist electro-acoustic violin, Custom Electric Bariton Violin, TB electric Bass Violin, Zeta Strados midi violin with Synthony II interface.