Composer: Music for all types of media and live shows.

Violinist: Classical, World, Rock and all other styles

Multi-Instrumentalist: Erhu, Zhong-hu, Gao-hu, Yailli Tambur, Turkish Spike Fiddle, Dilrubah, baritone violin, Dobro.

Music Producer: Orchestration, Synthestration, Synth and Beat Programming, Arrangement, score and parts creation, Recording, Mixing.

Sound Design and Mixing: Creation of all the sound FX and cleaning for all media and live show settings.

Studio Set up:

Music Software: Cubase 11, Protools 12, Reason Suite 11, Sibelius Ultimate, Dorico 3.5, Eastwest Play (RA, Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, Symphonic Orchestra Platinum and Symphonic Choir), Vienna Synchron(ized) special edition complete bundle, Omnisphere 2.0, Ableton Suite 11

Studio Equipment: HP workstation i7 Multi-core with 32 gigs of ram and Focusrite Clarett 8pre audio-interface. Novation Ultranova synth and Bass Station II synth and Nektar Impact LX88+ midi-controller.

Microphones: Audio-Technica, 2 Oktava MK-219 , Oktava MK-319, Seinheizer, Electro-voice and Audix.

Violins: Marc Laberte Acoustic Violin, Metzler Shop acoustic Viola, The realist electro-acoustic violin, Custom Electric Baritone Violin, TB electric Bass Violin, Zeta Strados midi violin with Synthony II MIDI Controller.